You've selected +18102432365 as your JMP number

This is an alpha test allowing creation of a JMP account using a Matrix ID. This form will use the gateway. If you wish to use another gateway instance, you may create the Jabber ID yourself and use this form.

Using JMP from Matrix does not receive as much testing as from Jabber. Matrix clients in general may not support all the features you want to have the best experience with JMP. The gateway does not yet support voice for Matrix, so your only option for voice calls will be SIP at this time. The gateway is not operated by JMP and JMP takes no responsibility for the security or reliability of the Matrix to Jabber gateway you use. JMP support will attempt to help diagnose any issues, but no one at JMP is a Matrix user and so they may not have as much experience to help in this case.

Note: By continuing to the next step, you agree to JMP's Fair Usage Policy, which our carriers require us to make you aware of: You will not participate in or assist in any fraudulent usage, you acknowledge and agree that SMS messages to or from you may be blocked by carriers or other service providers for reasons known or unknown to JMP, your usage will be consistent with typical human operation, each SMS message will be initiated due to human interaction (as opposed to automated or timed messages), and you acknowledge that JMP reserves the right to take any action necessary for JMP to comply with any applicable CTIA and/or CRTC guidelines.