JMP - beta

JIDs for Messaging with Phones

JMP gives you a real phone number for sending picture and text messages right from a Jabber account.

Text with friends cross-border without paying international texting fees, chat with friends over SMS even if you don't have a cell phone, or add an extra number for business or privacy.

We are busy squirreling code away on new features including an easy JMP app! To get low-volume notifications of our progress, add your email address to our list.

Signup (30-day free trial!)

To register for JMP, begin by choosing a federated JID (Jabber ID) to link to your new number -- you can change it later, but you need one to start with. There are many free and open servers available which you can use with any client; one of the smoothest options is to install the Conversations Android app and follow the prompts to sign up on their server.

Once you have that, you can then decide if you'd like to use JMP's built-in calling features or bring your own. JMP provides a SIP account that you can use with your preferred SIP client (we find that CSipSimple works well on Android). You may also receive calls using a different SIP address or an existing Canadian or US phone number (can be voice-only, no Touch-Tone needed) or iNum if you prefer. Voicemail right in your chat history is in the works.

Next, pick a JMP number. Here are a few we found for you:

Or search by area code to find even more numbers.

You can also bring your own number to JMP if you like.

Note: While JMP does provide phone numbers and voice/SMS features, JMP is not a telephone company and it does not provide 911, 112, 999 or other emergency services over voice or SMS. Please ensure that your existing telephony provider supports those services.

Upgrade to Paid Account

If you've signed up for the free trial and would like to upgrade to unlimited text and picture message for the duration of the beta period, you can upgrade to a paid account here. JMP is currently available for US$2.99 per month or US$34.99 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What do I get when I signup for JMP?

JMP gives you a Canadian or US phone number that is yours to keep. JMP allows you to send and receive text messages and picture messages using your XMPP client, and to make and receive phone calls using your SIP client (a SIP account is provided, or you can forward to an existing SIP account, Canadian or US phone number, or iNum).

Q2. What's this Jabber thing?

Jabber, or XMPP, is a long-standing, widely-used, privacy-focused and open chat protocol. If you have ever used Google Chat, HipChat, the pre-2016 Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, Movim, Android Push Notifications, or a private company chat server, then you have used XMPP.

Unlike the private servers, the public XMPP network is and always will be a federated system, which means that like email or the web, anyone on any server can communicate with anyone else without artificial limitations.

JMP extends the freedom of the XMPP network to cell phone texting.

Q3. How do I send text messages?

Text messages are sent and received using special Jabber IDs (JIDs). To send a text message, first add the JID representing the destination phone number to your roster. For example, to send a text message to +1 416 993 8000 you would add "" to your roster. You can then send the contact a message or picture and they will receive it as an SMS/MMS message.

To send text messages to short codes, use the special suffix for short codes, ie. "33733;" represents the 33733 short code. This will be simplified in the future, but is required for now in order to maintain proper uniqueness going forward.

Q4. How much does JMP cost?

JMP is completely free of charge for the first 30 days! During this trial period you can send up to 300 text or pictures messages and use up to 30 minutes of voice calls. And you can receive as many text and picture messages as you like.

At any time within the first 30 days you can upgrade to a paid account to send and receive unlimited text and picture messages, as well as use up to 120 minutes of voice calls per month. JMP is currently in beta - the introductory rate for beta users is US$2.99 per month (or US$34.99 per year).

Once the beta period for JMP is over, the US$2.99/month and US$34.99/year subscriptions will still be available and will still have unlimited incoming SMS and MMS, but the number of outgoing SMS/MMS will be limited; other plans will be available.

You may cancel your subscription at any time (via PayPal or by contacting the support team). After cancellation (or after your trial period expires), your number will be reclaimed after 30 days unless you port it to another carrier.

The beta period will last until at least June 2017, and a new unlimited messaging plan will be made available once the beta period has ended. After the beta period, additional non-PayPal methods of payment will be made available.

Q5. How do I get help with JMP?

The best venue for help using or developing features for JMP is the chatroom, which you can join from your chat client or on the web. It is an active and enthusiastic channel, and the fastest way to solve problems with the developers or other users.

If you'd like to send a private inquiry instead, or if you cannot join the chatroom, send a text message to the support team at +1 416 993 8000 (Canada) or +1 312 796 8000 (US) and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Both numbers can be texted from most other countries, though your carrier may charge a fee for international text messaging.

If you have found a bug in JMP, please file an issue at .

Q6. How do I learn more about JMP?

All of the software that makes up JMP is free and open source software. You can view, download, and modify the source code here.

For news about JMP, you can signup for our low-volume notification list here. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Q7. Which text messaging features are supported?

JMP supports the following text messaging features:

JMP does not (yet) support these features:

Q9. How do I make a phone call with my JMP number?

Login to the SIP account that was provided during the signup process using a SIP client (CSipSimple works fairly well in our experience). Then enter the 10-digit phone number that you'd like to call. If you don't have your SIP account information, please contact support and we'll be happy to provide it to you. Currently JMP supports calling to Canada and the US.

Q10. Do I have to use PayPal to signup for JMP?

No. Other payment methods are available. For details, please contact our support team by sending a text message to +1 416 993 8000 (Canada) or +1 312 796 8000 (US) or send a private message to "ossguy" in the JMP/ chatroom at .

Q11. Can I port my existing number into JMP?

Yes! We support most regions in Canada and the US. The process normally takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the number being ported in. For details, please contact our support team by sending a text message to +1 416 993 8000 (Canada) or +1 312 796 8000 (US) or send a private message to "ossguy" in the JMP/ chatroom at .

Q12. Which XMPP clients are supported?

You can use any XMPP client you like. If a client doesn't work for some reason, please file a ticket or discuss it with the team. JMP is normally tested with Gajim and Conversations, since they both support the needed XEPs for JMP's complete feature set (which includes XEP-0184, XEP-0234, and XEP-0261, among others).

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