Suggested Jabber Services for use with JMP

NOTE: If you just want to sign up for JMP, we suggest starting from the homepage. The signup process will help you get a Jabber ID if you need one.

Because it gives you the most control over your data (including privacy parameters), our top recommendation is to run your own Jabber service. For something easy to setup we suggest Snikket.

If you are unable to run your own, the next best thing is to use Snikket Hosting, ideally on a domain name or other DNS name that you own (but not required). This is included in the price of your account for JMP users, and low-cost for others. We strongly recommend Snikket since inviting people is super easy (for you and your invitees!) and it works well across OSes (including iOS). If you prefer not to use Snikket, we recommend you find a different paid Jabber service - they are incentivized to both keep the service running, and to serve you, the paying user.

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