Suggested XMPP Servers for use with JMP

If you don't have a Jabber ID yet, here are a number of good XMPP servers you can choose from to create an account. You can generally register with these right from your client (using the "register for a new account" option or similar), but many of them will also let you register via the web.

In case you don't want to look through all of them, we recommend going with the first option. JMP will work with virtually any XMPP server, though, so if you rather a different one, that's completely fine. web registration web registration web registration web registration web registration web registration

If you are an XMPP server operator and are wondering why your server isn't listed here, please try to get your server listed on Daniel Gultsch's XMPP Compliance Suite Server Test Results page with primarily "green" results. If for some reason that isn't possible, please contact us with the results of running the XMPP Compliance Tester yourself.

Additionally, please ensure that your server supports in-band registration. You can use a CAPTCHA if you want to, but we won't list a server here unless in-band registration is supported. We also tend to only list servers that offer gratis accounts and that do not otherwise restrict who can create an account.

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