How to switch your JMP account from PayPal to credit card

JMP is encouraging (though at this time not requiring) people who currently pay for JMP using a PayPal subscription to switch to our new billing system. The new billing system provides a number of benefits over PayPal, including the ability to pay for upcoming services like international calling, and extra minutes beyond those included in your plan. All customers who pay by Bitcoin or other manual payment have been migrated to this system already. We are now also providing incentives for those using a PayPal subscription to begin moving over as well.

In particular, customers who migrate from a PayPal subscription to our new billing system (using a credit card with auto top-up) will receive one free month of service. Currently the new billing system uses a prepaid balance with auto top-ups.

To switch, talk to the bot and send the command migrate billing. The command will walk you through setting up the new billing system. When done, be sure to cancel your old JMP subscription at PayPal, then contact support privately to receive your free month of service — be sure to mention if you were a PayPal monthly or annual subscriber and include your PayPal email address.

Annual subscribers must contact support as part of this migration! Failure to do so could result in missing credit.